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Wheels N Meals 7: Aristacooks
  • With summer now in full swing, meet schedules have finally settled in, and with that comes another incarnation of Wheels N Meals. The 7th incarnation named Aristacooks took place in the same location as the previous meet, the San Jose Mercury News building just off of Highway 880.

    With these meets constantly increasing in popularity, it didn’t take much time for a large amount of the lot to be filled with cars ranging from the lowest of low, to track stance, to even a few, respectable stock vehicles.

    The Vip’d Out crew even had their own booth with James displaying some of his handcrafted tables as well as a few of his custom wooden pens.
    He even brought out the new Hyundai Genesis to allow attendees to view his tables once installed in a vehicle.

    I personally spent most of my day enjoying the shade that was our booth but from the few rounds I did make, I’d like to point out a few notable vehicles.
    First up is Anthony’s white FC.


    This beauty put over 300hp to the wheels and is actually for sale at the moment.
    The next vehicle I’d like to note is this lovely vintage beauty, a 1973 Honda CB500 Four. With few two wheeled vehicles besides ruckuses, it was refreshing seeing a vintage motorcycle out there.

    Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to everyone that made it out no matter what in what vehicle, whether it was a stock STI to a bagged Benz to a Ruckus, thank you for coming out and making it a great day.
    Thank you to all of the event sponsors and vendors and thank you to the San Jose Mercury News for allowing us to host this event on their premisses again.

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    -Braulio Negreira


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