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Wheels N Meals 6: Persistant Hunger
  • There comes a time every month or so when that one special meet comes around and not just your average parking lot meet;

    we’re talking hundreds of cars and people, vendors, food trucks, the whole shebang.


    That one special event for the Bay Area, California is

    Wheels N Meals



    This sixth Wheels N Meals took place at the lovely San Jose Mercury News, right off Highway 880.

    This spacious and well kept lot was almost perfect for the meet; keyword almost.


    The lot was only nice if you could actually get your slammed and dumped rides past the driveway.

    Many had to enter almost parallel to the driveway to make it up without scrapping but of course there were many that scraped.

    One observation I made was that while parking was quite spacious and the entire lot was almost full,

    there was always a constant flow of cars coming and going, which I found pleasant because every time I went around I always saw a few new cars.


    Now enough about the location, nobody is here for that, we’re all here for the rides!

    All the slammed, dumped, track-stanced, VIP’d, and even exotics were called out to come show what they’ve got.


    At around noon, cars ranging from track-stanced EKs to dumped 3 series BMWs to even a

    Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ferrari 360 Spider arrived in what was actually a quite controlled, classy, and respectful manner.


    The beautiful 70° weather and clear skies let all the cars sparkle and shiny under the warm Norcal sun.

    While the VIP cars weren’t the brightest cars out there, their rims made up for it 110%, bling everywhere!


    As it slowly ticked to past 3pm,

    the lot slowly started to empty All in all a great day, great social interactions, and no real down moments.

    Thank you to all the event sponsors and food trucks for supplying the space and amazing atmosphere.

    To view the entire coverage album go to:


    To keep up with which event I will personally be covering, go to:


    -Braulio Negreira




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