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Weksos Wekfest 2012 part 1
  • WekFest San Francisco 2012

    Feb 20th, 2012

    This is a Big year for Vipdout ! We got to Show 2 cars



    1999 (Final Konexxion Aristo) Lexus gs400


    2001 (Jp Y33)  Infiniti Q45t




    This is a Random shot of how full the Event gets in the Main Room,

    This wasn’t at full effect.

    Vendors Scattered all over to mix the event up.

    Crews, Photographers, Cars, and

    Most of all FANS !!! You !! Crowd shots are always the best to find Waldo

    Yes and you can see below

    The lines = A huge line haha….

    This event is popular…the wait had some in line for 4-5 hrs.

    Most importantly you stayed there for the event.

    Super nice Widebody s2K located in the front s2k row

    Dean rolling in with his Vip Styled Maxima.

    Nice Yamaha on display.

    Rotiforms recently sold A8 fitted Nicely

    Old school cars don’t ever get enough love. But this one was standing out to us.

    What to say….. The Fatlace Pandora One

    We Hope many of you got to see this in person at the event.

    Covered with a Fleet Of Fatlace Noboris It was Clear that is you missed this

    you somehow missed that row..

    This doesn’t look like your average wheels on a VW Bug.

    Ahh the 2 doors were killing it lining up at roll in.

    Black seems to be the choice of Color !


    SF Crew, each year if they maintain the same car. It always gets better !

    I believe this was awarded at the end of night.

    Dj was spinning keeping everyone happy.

    This is also known as the “thrust” Jon Jon had a fun time but

    We are not sure If Ejay Marte was feeling it. LOL

    Maybe he was ? haha also That’s Daniel Baxter in the background

    Gotta show love to all cars. Even this Nicely fitted s2k !

    Many are wanting to build a Rukus,

    Here is a Black and Gold themed one.

    Endless Projects Custom Retro lighted NSX,

    We were able to capture some shots while the crowd was waiting.

    Gotta enjoy some model shots too ??

    Mars looking Lovely.

    She is still our Official Model here at Vipdout and Always showing love !

    Speed Elements Neo Chrome 335i


    with her new look and repping 20 inch Concaves and facelife.


    Stay Tuned to many more pictures from Wekfest Sf 2012

    Photo By: Steven Santiago


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