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WekFest Tour | Long Beach
  • The infamous WEKFEST car event has been exclusive to the Northern California where it has revived the car scene since the days of Hot Import Nights and body kits.  This is the first year that they decided to take it on the road.  Now the rest of the country will be able to experience a little part of the California automotive lifestyle that makes this state so great! Lucky them!

    Weksos Industries and Fatlace is collaborating to bring WEKFEST on the road.  The first stop on their 4 city tour is Long Beach, California.  Major magazine publications, along with some of the Westcoast’s finest builds gathered together for only one day to showcase it all.

    This event was held in a parking lot near the Queen Mary which couldn’t of been a better location for this epic event.  There was plenty of parking for the spectators, it was right off of the freeway which made it easy to find and the view from the event you can see beautiful coastline.  It was a perfect day for a car show!

    This car show actually had a great vibe and great representation from every car style you can imagine.  There were VIP Style cars, Luxury race cars, Domestic muscle, Economic race cars and even all electrical green vehicles in representation that day.

    The VIP community came out in full force and representing in a big way.  Platinum VIP came out in style with there flash ship bumping music and creating that luxury style that we love so much.

    The WekSos Booth was very busy where they had lovely models like Genevieve Chanelle & Elissa Alva hanging out.  There was also a free photo booth from Push2Start Photo Booth.com where you see these lovely Weksos girls trying to convince these guys to take pics in the free photo booth. The vibe was great and everyone was walking around and enjoying the beautiful SoCal weather. I know I was loving it because up north it was raining and not a fun place to be.  I was definitely glad I made the 5 hour long drive to sunny Long Beach.

    VIP Modular came out with their own booth and is always setting itself apart from the competition in every way.

    It was great to see some exotic cars out there.

    There were some nice honda’s stopping foot traffic.


    One car that I was definitely excited to see couldn’t make the trip because of something that happened on the way. Im glad it wasn’t anything serious, but we will definitely see you at SPOCOM in Anaheim!

    Dean’s VIP MODULAR’d Nissan Maxima

    And we can’t for get this VIP Car of Adam of WekSos Industries who we thank  for putting an great event and supporting the scene.

    Thanks again to Adam and the WekSos team.  For those who didn’t make it Long Beach hope to you see you guys in Chicago!


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