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WekFest 3 x Uneak Photography
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    WekFest III at Fort Mason,

    San Francisco turned out to be a really big show this year.

    Many anticipated that there would be a lot of people showing up from all over the Bay Area and even folks from out of town, but I don’t think people where ready for the massive lines that WekFest III had.

    Many know last year WekFest II had a very big turn out as well with lines that wraped around the block, well this year the lines where bigger and wider and the wait time was crazy!!!

    So crazy that the line had to be held up so that securtiy could allow the WekFest stuff to collect entry fees and stamp hands so that they may try to get the line moving as fast as they could.

    With the lines being so big and so many people showing up for the event,

    the line got held up to where stuff where only letting about 20 people in at a time.

    Unfortunately not everyone made it in while people where waiting more 3 hours in line.

    Just show how big WekFest became, with over 1400 applicants the show turned out to be one of the best show that I have attended.

    With so many diffrent vendors and of course models and big twist was  that there was alochol at a car meet/show???

    Everyone there where being responsable and having a good time.

    With good music being spun by DJ Slick D, at the Nos Performance Lounge and keeping everyone hyped and juiced with there Nos energy drinks.

    So it turned out to be great.

    The one big down fall was that there was just so many people in the two building,

    that they had for the cars and vendors and there was really no room for photography here.

    A fellow photography group JsJBrothers even told me that it was so hard to get coverage. But we did are best to get as many photos for the people that could not make it in. But all in all it was a great turn out.

    You can view my pictures at www.Uneakphotography.webs.com

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