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Wek Fest Chicago 2011
  • Wek Fest Chicago…where do I start?

    I guess I should start from the beginning.

    To say a lot of people were excited about Wek Fest’s national tour would be an understatement,

    and a lot of people were geared up for their first stop in the Windy-City.

    I visit Chicago frequently and made the trek down with some of my crew to represent and take some photos for you all.

    After the arduous task of waking up early Saturday morning to make the roll-in

    (the show had the roll-in same day which was new for me)

    we were greeted with rain and lots of it.  We showed up at the tail-end of the roll-in, so most of the show was setup.

    Still, we got some great spots, and weren’t packed in the middle sections.

    After wiping down the cars, applying necessary stickers for sponsors, and the last minute details, it was time to walk the show and see what had showed up.

    Seen It! brought out their crazy k-series swapped Rabbit truck, and a very cool Ruckus.

    This truck has been all over the web so it was really cool to see it in the metal and snap some photos.

    Nicely done Harlequin Golf.  Yes, that’s a factory paint job.

    Really liked this Civic coupe.

    The line-up we brought from MN.

    G35 and my personal LS400.

    JDM Chicago’s NSX.  Loved how clean this car is.

    Amazing SL55 AMG on DPE Wheels.  I think it won best Euro.

    VIP’d M35 from Fizz Autosports

    Well done VIP’d Honda Odyssey

    Another car from the crew, but he was parked separate because he was supposed to show with the Dub-Audi/Bar Society guys who weren’t there.  Still took home 1st place in the GTI class, so congrats!

    This CRX was stunning, and easily one of my favorite cars of the show.

    The car was so complete and the engine bay was flawless.  I love seeing builds like this out in the Mid-West.

    After walking around for awhile, it was easy to see that the Mid-West came out pretty hard for the event,

    with some traveling from as far as New York and New Jersey.

    The show officially opened up at 2pm, and the crowd started pouring in.

    What I really liked about the event was how laid back it was, and that they kept the lights on.

    I haven’t done an indoor show since Hot Import Nights, and the club atmosphere was certainly not missed.

    People were rolling around on skateboards, bicycles, R/C drift cars were sliding about, and there were even some furry costumers walking about

    (I wouldn’t know anything about that!).

    One thing is for certain though, the quality of cars was very high.  I like how Wek Sos picks the cars and approves each entry prior to registration.

    I really liked how Wek Fest was presented and executed.

    It was great to have a taste of what’s going on out there in California.

    The next stop for the Wek Fest tour is Dallas, TX in October, so mark your calenders for that one if you are in the area.

    I really hope the tour is successful and keeps coming back to Chicago for years to come!


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