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#wcw | Tiffany Vu
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    -Age: 18
    -Location: San Jose, CA
    -Height: 5’4
    -Bust: 34B
    -Waist: 25
    -Hips: 34

    -Hi Tiffany Tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, ethnicity

    Hiii! I am a little Vietnamese girl, born and raised in the Bay Area.

    Some people really can’t tell they I’m Vietnamese, do I not look Asian enough..? LOL

    -When there’s nothing going on or on a your days off, what do you do 

    I play with my babyyy girl, #kiwimao lol you can find her on instagram x)

    I go to the gym or just relax and hangout with my sisters!

    -Whats your favorite part of your body

    LMFAOO I read “booty” instead of “body”.  My favorite body parts are my legs and my booty!

    Well, because.. squats. Hahaha if you can’ handle my sass you can’t handle my ass!


    – Whats a typical day in the life of Tiffany 

    EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT. Hahaha jkjk, I am not an etard..

    Hmm let’s seeee, wake up, take Kiwi out to do her thaang, get ready for school, eat breakfast,

    brush my pearly whites, go to school, try to not fall asleep in class, eat a quest bar (cookies n cream omg yeeess),

    drink some aqua, head to the gym, get my fitness on, shower, play w/Kiwi,

    get ready for work, go to work, go home, cuddle w/my boothaang, brush brush and floss, and then head to bed.

    Of course I’ll be eating throughout the day and go shopping here and there hehe.

    – Any upcoming shows you will be attending 

    Yes yes yess!!
    May 10: Spocom NorCal at the Craneway Pavilion
    May 31: Wekfest LA at the Queen Mary Events Park
    May 31: Extreme Autofest Anaheim at he Angel Stadium
    June 28: Hot Import Nights Santa Clara at the Santa Clara Convention Center
    Come see me at any of the shows and get a free hug! ^_^

    – What do you have planned for 2014 any new publications you working on 

    This year I’m definitely planning to travel a bit more for shows, work on getting exposure, and hopefully land the cover of a performance magazine.

    One major goal I’m hoping to achieve is to shoot for the cover of Super Street and/or Import Tuner and to have my boyfriend’s car featured on the cover with me!

    That would make his whole life hahaha xP


    – Whats you favorite event to be apart of 

    Any event where I’m able to chat with my supporters, meet new friends, and give hugs! And food!!

    You can’t be at an event where there’s no food oh no.. lol

    – So got to ask what do you drive 

    A 2000 Toyota Camry hahaha it’s a hand-me-down! I’m just a regular 18 y/o, can’t drive nothin fancy yet!

    – So what do you think of vipdout, can you see your self driving a vip car in the future  

    I love vipdout!! Everything is so fancy and luxurious aha.

    I most definitely can see myself driving a super awesome, super fast vip car sometime in the near future!

    I’m aiming for an LFA (heart eyes), buuuuut I’ll settle for a M3 or an IS250.


    – Whats some of the music you vibe out to, any favorite artist 

    My ears like house, trance, trap, basically EDM, hip hop, and r&b! If it’s good music,

    I’ll be dancing for daaaayyys 🙂 I don’t really have a favorite artist, if I can dance to their music I like them haha

    – Where can people contact you or follow you social networks etc.

    I only have myspace and zanga.. do people still use those? LOL justkeeedingg.
    Instagram @tiffanytvu #tiffanytvu

    – Who is you favorite photographer that you have worked with & why 

    I don’t have a favorite. Each photographer that I work with has unique qualities about them and their photos that I like! 🙂

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