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#WCW | Tiffany Habib
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    24 Years Old


    Columbus, OH









    -Hi Tiffany Tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, ethnicity:

    I couldn’t be prouder to say I grew up in a tiny country town called Adamsville, right outside of Zanesville, OH.  

    Ethnicity is Lebanese– so I was blessed with tan skin year ’round.

    -When there’s nothing going on or on a your days off, what do you do?

    I don’t get a lot of free time– I love to cook, be crafty, spend time with my pitties and the people who matter most.

    If it’s summer time here in Ohio– might catch me fishing (or trying, haha!) or getting a little muddy!

    -Whats your favorite part of your body

    My lips.


    – Whats a typical day in the life of Tiffany

    Get to the office at 9am, bust my ass until I accomplish what’s needed– get home around 7pm–

    throw down in the kitchen, and enjoy the rest of the evening relaxing with a glass of wine or a good IPA. Ideally, haha!


    – What do you think of Kim K & Kanye vogue cover

    Honestly, couldn’t care less about what goes on in celebrity life… So don’t hate me when I say I haven’t even seen it.


    – So is it true you turned down a photoshoot for Playboy ? Why

    This is very true. Twice, actually. I am a dedicated fan of Playboy, and am not opposed to the tasteful nudity.

    I had a good look for Playboy Naturals at the time I was asked.. It’s just not for me.

    I have a lot of young girls that follow my work and attend my seminars.

    It’s really important to me to show them that I could accomplish my goals on my own, with no representation,

    without having to show my goods completely. Plus, there has to be something left for the imagination–

    I think that makes things much sexier! And on top of that.. my boyfriend is the only one who owns those rights. 😉


    – I did a little research on you I see you where published in FHM Germany & Maxim UK,

    How did that come about and how was it ?


    It’s always an exciting experience to walk past a newsstand and see a magazine cover with your face on it, or one that you’re in.

    I’m honored to have been apart of such reputable names in the industry… How’d I do it?…Dedication.


    – What do you have planned for 2014 any new publications you working on


    Over the past year I’ve put my career on the back burner temporarily.. I’m still deciding what direction I’d like to take it as I go further…

    But my one guarantee is… If I’m working it’s ALWAYS towards a publication or something big!

    I do have a few things up my sleeve, so you’ll be seeing more of me soon enough. 🙂


     – I see you have your own promotional company “PinkElite” Can you tell is more about it

    In 2012 I opened my own business..

    I wanted a way to help young aspiring models get into this industry safely while making some money.

    It turned out to be very successful with a staff over over 150 models down the east coast,

    and booking work for the likes of well named clients such as Lamborghini, Yuengling, Monster, and much more..

    You can find out more info on P!nkElite on the website! www.pink-elite.com OR www.facebook.com/pinkelite

    – So got to ask what do you drive

    I drive a (almost, lol)  murdered out  Mitsubishi Eclipse that I got brand new.

    I absolutely love it and have no intentions of trading it in or getting rid of it anytime soon.

    – So what do you think of Vipdout, can you see your self driving a vip car in the future

    It’s pretty cool– I’d be okay driving some luxury in the future… 


    – Whats some of the music you vibe out to, any favorite artist

    I like a good mix of everything… If I’m cruisin’, definitely something with a killer beat to bump my RF’s. =]

    – Where can people contact you or follow you social networks etc:

    Website: www.tiffanyhabib.com

    My most used Social Network is IG: keep up with my everyday life there.

    From food, to dogs, to friends, to modeling pictures and the infamous selfies, haha : @thetiffanyhabib

    Facebook is a good one too, www.facebook.com/tiffanyhabib


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