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Vipfest 2013

    VipFest 2013 was a great turn out like many of the years in the past. Being new to the Vipdout family this was my first time attending the show, and the turn out and the quality in the Vip cars  it was amazing. I got to meet some really cool people and super excited to shoot more features for Vipdout. Being from the east coast the Vip style and lifestyle is much different, then the way back east, you guys kill it out here. Hope you all enjoy the photos and leave some feed back on the instagram and on the page. Working on a short video feature for the show as well that will be up hopefully later next week Enjoy!!!

    _MG_9360 copyOur boy all the way from the East coast now moved to the west coast to show off in the vip scene Representing for LibertyVip

    _MG_9371 copy

    _MG_9375 copy _MG_9379 _MG_9377 copy

    Floating around the internet and social media now for the past few weeks there has been talks about this car. Everyone has their own feelings towards it. For you who dont’ know and haven’t seen it I am going to give you a write up of the full set up so its clear. It is a 18inch wheel stepped up to a 19 step which mean the wheel has a 18 inch tire on it that was mounted from the back side therefore you get the “stretch” look but beads up just fine and this is how it looks. It safe and the car is driven on with this set up. It sure as hell looks crazy rolling and even ridiculous parked up.

    _MG_9568 _MG_9389 copy


    The ruck is that? The ruckus guys came out full force to show love the the event, from crazy exhaust to stretch tires. The ruckus game is getting pretty serious but some pretty badass ruckus’s came out to show love.

    _MG_9383 _MG_9424 _MG_9507 copy _MG_9506 _MG_9498 _MG_9509 _MG_9512 _MG_9514 copy _MG_9513

    There were many cars that showed up to support the Vipfest13 but not just a lot of cars but a lot of quality Vip cars.

    _MG_9390 copy _MG_9401 _MG_9406 _MG_9420 _MG_9407 copy _MG_9456 _MG_9464 copy _MG_9470 _MG_9529

    A big part of the Vip game is the set of wheels your sitting on heres a peek of a view set ups that caught my attention.

    _MG_9422 _MG_9432



    _MG_9409 copy _MG_9412


    _MG_9472 _MG_9478

    Jdm mini vans.


    Our friend Chris Pineusa came out strong with his one off Central Pine Ls430 with a crazy kid and one off light set up.

    _MG_9484 _MG_9487 copy _MG_9490 copy _MG_9491

    The Vipdout booth and family set up for the day

    _MG_9528 _MG_9550 _MG_9551 _MG_9525 copy _MG_9553

    Also had our friend Mike come by the booth to show some love with his one off Vipmodulars and the car that I like to call “something different”

    _MG_9547 _MG_9536 _MG_9544 copy _MG_9542

    Some might say over done and some might say crazy but the work and amount of time that had to go into this car is countless.




    Vipfest 2013 was a great show and turn out. Hope you guys all enjoy. Go check out the Vipdout Instgram and Limitlesspromo Instagram for more photos, more coverage, and more awesome things.

    _MG_9394 copy

    _MG_9396 copy


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