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Vip’dOut’s March 2011 Model of the Month: Mars Maylani
  • March Feature of the Month

    Vipdout’s Official Model

    Mars Maylani

    Mars Maylani is brought to you with experience with Banking , Framing, Dancing, and modeling. A Beautiful face and body and a  huge Sense of Humor.I personally haven’t joked with someone so much.  When I had the chance to meet her I actually was star struck. It has been a pleasure working with her and seeing how productive she has been. I knew that I wanted her to be apart of the company when It started. I got things moving towards the right direction,and we had our shoot happen! Everyone will get to see Mars at events from San Francisco- Sacramento and with Me at huge events too. Lets get down to the details about Mars !


    Produced by :

    James Church

    Photos by :

    Derrick Mance

    Dale Tu

    Steven Santiago

    Joseph Joel Baldueza





    1. Where to find you?



    What is the wildest thing that happens day to day ?

    I wouldn’t really call it wild but since I’m a supervisor at the company I work for, I get paid to get yelled at by customers everyday. You won’t believe how pissed those old women get about their yarn being out of stock!

    I know I know…….but the viewers want to know …. if you could eat a pill that would make you taller , would you ? Haha

    HAHAHAHAHA!! You’re hilarious for asking this. You WOULD! lol.. If you asked me this back in the day, I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. I’ve always wanted to do modeling and it would be easier if I was taller. Now, I would have to say no. I like guys who are taller than me so if I took that pill, it would be hard to find taller guys. Yay for being short! =)


    Do you see yourself Modeling, Dancing, in 5 years ?

    Yes and yes. I like doing both and would like to do so for years to come. They both serve as motivation for me to keep in shape. Also, I’ve been dancing since I was young. My mom used to dance on TV so it really runs in my blood. I dance everyday in my room in front of my mirror.

    How did you enjoy your Wekfest ?

    Wekfest was TONS of fun! I got to meet and mingle with people. It was my first import show so that alone was exciting enough and I got to see A LOT of sexy cars. MmMmmm..

    And what do you like to do for fun ?

    You mean aside from Facebook? LOL.. I LOVE dancing. I know people would say “Of course you like dancing, you’re a gogo dancer.” But no, seriously. Dancing is the only time I could really clear my mind and it literally makes me feel good. It gives me a workout, makes me sweat, enables me to express myself, and I get to mingle all at the same time. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

    What’s your biggest pet peeve about people misunderstanding your culture?

    That we ALL eat dogs. I’ve never had dog in my life. At least not that I know of! *GAG*

    If it was up to me, you’d win an award for looking hot while shooting in San Francisco in 50-degree weather, and not complaining about it once. How fun was that?

    Thank you for the nice compliment. Was it really 50 degrees? I thought it was 45? haha, just messing with you. I had fun acting in front of the camera that it was a nice sunny day. I just went to my happy place in my head and thought about being at a nice, warm beach back home in The Philippines. I was surprised that I’m still alive today and didn’t die of hyperthermia. I have to thank my big frontals for keeping me warm…… and you for letting me borrow your jacket. =) Thanks again.

    Yes! [laughter] The whole “UFO over China” thing that was all over the news, which I think turned out to be a Minotaur rocket. You think we’re alone out there?

    I do play with the idea that there’s other life in the universe aside from earth. I shall command a fleet of Martians and we will take over the world.

    Is Mars Maylani a nerd?

    Ha! Yes, I’m a big nerd and I’m not embarrassed by it. I grew up playing video games which automatically makes me a nerd to most people. We used to have Halo tournaments over my ex’s house when we were still together and we would stay up until 5 AM playing the whole entire time and eating junk food. It makes me really happy to see that 8-bit music is making it in the mainstream. I also always tell people that I get my awesome Balikbayan box packing skills from playing Tetris and I’m happy about my muscular legs since Chun-Li was my idol growing up.


    I was Facebook-stalking you to prepare for this interview and noticed we have some common favorite movies. Gone in 60 seconds? So which is your favorite car ?

    There’s so many sexy cars in that movie that I seriously just watched Gone in 60 Seconds again just to answer this question. The ’67 gt500 is one of them of course, ’95 Ferrari 355, ’69 Chevrolet Camaro, ’99 Ferrari 550 Maranello, ’94 Jaguar XJ 220, ’99 Porsche 996, ’00 Porsche Boxster, ’97 Porsche 911, ’66 Shelby Cobra (even if it reminds me of a potato bug), and ’98 Toyota Supra. I’d have to say that Porsche’s are my favorite though. Probably because my family had a Porsche at one point back when I was in High School. I love that movie too because it that was the first time I heard of “The Stranger”. HAHAHAHAHA


    13. Any shoutouts you want to give out?

    Shout out to my Mom for being ok with me gogo dancing, and modeling although it took her a while to be ok with it. My friends for putting up with my stubborn self and letting me know how retarded I am. And for the people reading this right now.



    Thank you! Muah!

    Mars Maylani


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