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Vipdout’s 2001 Q45….
  • Vipdout 2001 Infinity Q45

    I wanted to share with you guys the recent moves that were made to help grow the company.

    A while back Jtuned.com  x Falken Tire Featured a 2001 Infinity Q45.

    This car alone had many people want to get into the Vip Scene.


    With that in mind,  I always was interested….. Here is a shot that caught my eye.


    From that moment I was hooked on to the Style of VIP cars.

    After working on my Lexus Gs400 for many years,

    I made the Expensive changes to style my car in the same Fashion.


    This Car is Equipped with the only Junction Produce Kit,

    Including Fog lights and Exhaust,  with in the United States.


    I shared a link from Vipstylecars.com to help a fellow member sell his Q45,

    little did I realise until I seen members on my “facebook” page post on that link.

    After the 3-4th message. I wondered what made this one so special. I seen it was the same one that was once forsale.

    As I seen the post that night I messaged the seller (Brian Tran) ASAP.

    I was sure that there were people plotting on a part out.

    I was able to confirm a price and had a great friend (BrokeY33- Josh) who drove the car from Riverside, Ca.

    all the way up to Northern California for me.

    I was personally in Tennessee visiting family when everything was going on.

    After I got the car first thing that was sold was the AME wheels that the car was purchased with.


    The car only had 71k on the ODO. and still looked Newer then Most.

    Equipped with Air Runner Suspension, Fully done up trunk with Rockford Fosgate 10s and T1 amps.

    The only with left for me to work with was the wheels.

    (This car was Purchased to have as a Daily Driver)

    I Gave Vip Modular a car to see what they had and what we could make.

    ( Also I am able to sell Vip Modulars aswell  )

    I took some time and wanted to have a mild look….. then I wanted to go a bit wild on this one.

    After waiting for the wheels to get built….

    I was amazed and was ready to see them

    I chose the  VR-06’s Transparent Powder Coating Over High Polished Faces They Call

    18k Dubai Gold, Chrome Lips, Chrome Mounting Hardware

    19×10 and 19×11 5 inch front Lip and 6 Inch Rear Lip

    Here is another shot of them. At Vip Modular.

    After having the Q45 as a Daily for a little while. It sat in the garage waiting for some Fender love from

    Lee ho the official Vipdout Fender Roller~!

    Once I was able to get the wheels on the car.


    I was able to get a New Battery, work on adjusting the fenders a bit more.

    and get Begin on working on any air leaks that the car might have.

    Took the car down today and got everything worked on.

    Still Not finished I was able to get a few pictures from today

    Washed it up, Gassed it up, and Aired it up. Its now ready to take it out tomorrow.

    Stay tuned for More from Vipdout,

    Incluing the Rear Vipdout 3 Level Vip table line

    Feel free to join the Forum

    www.Vipdout.com/forum and post up ! and email me with any questions about a table from Vipdout.


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