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  • Ever went to a show here in NorCal and thought to yourself,

    “Man, why do they gotta make shows so far from where I live?!?”

    Well, look no further because PXRacing crew is “Bridging the Gap” at “The Function”!!!


    Fairfield, CA 94533 

    Show hours: 10AM to 4PM-ish
    Roll in starts at 8AM

    $15 Via PayPal (modern_stylist@yahoo.com) or at the gate,
    450+ spots available
    $25 for each vendor booth

    FREE spectating

    Crews: show up at same time, no spot reservations

    Email registration info to

    modern_stylist@yahoo.com or team_win01@yahoo.com 


    Fat Panda Musubi’s
    Curbside cuisine
    Vinnies BBQ
    Team Yeeee
    Twin Cam
    Vip’d Out
    VIP Style Cars
    German Auto


    Dealer Cars.

    10 from Nissan Including the Gt-R

    Hyundai is pulling out some Interesting Flagships too

    A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Mission Solano 

    – Cash + trophy prizes for

    – Best of Show
    – People’s Choice
    – Loudest SLAP 


    – BEST Acura
    – BEST Honda
    – BEST Hyundai
    – BEST Nissan
    – BEST Infiniti
    – BEST Mazda
    – BEST Mitsubishi
    – BEST Lexus
    – BEST Subaru
    – BEST Scion/Toyota
    – BEST Audi
    – BEST BMW
    – BEST VW
    – BEST Mercedes Benz
    – Hottest Crew
    – CLEANEST Interior/I.C.E.
    – CLEANEST Paint job
    – CLEANEST Engine Bay
    – MOST Exotic
    – BEST VIP
    – BEST Stance
    – BEST Muscle Car


    The Function is Bridging the Gap !

    10 AM

    300 Chadbourne Rd

    Fairfield Ca, 94533

    Tomorrow its going down all at one local place in Fairfield.

    Prizes, money, food, music, clothing apparel, MODELS sick cars from all over and plenty more !

    .Come and and enjoy The Function! Roll in starts at 8am! Don’t miss out!

    PXRacing is doing big things!

    I will have a booth set up with the Lovely Mars Maylani

    We are looking forward to your company.




    5-7 Vendors.

    3-4 Food Vendors.

    4 Djs. (One in Our Booth)

    Mobile Dyno






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