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  • The table Everyone wants…….

    This is a One off Table that Kam and

    I have been working on and Its on its way to Florida to be installed on his amazing 2nd Gen Gs

    These are some images of the table all Finished up. Here are the others I worked on aswell.

    It was a busy day and night till 3am.

    Pictured is 3 tables top to bottom.  (Kam’s, Chris’, Anthony’s)

    Actually Can’t wait to see all three of these tables installed and put up on the site 😉

    More pictures to come as It gets installed and Ran on on Kams car !

    Here it is incase you haven’t seen it before.

    Picture of his rear seats

    and the Front Sueded Dash with Vip Accessories

    Be on the look out of all 3 having them installed !

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  • Chris G 12.27.2010

    James if we can figure out to make one to match the walnut in my back seat then I might just have to rep your table. ; )

  • i was just talking to you about this table thing at the meet in stockton at sonics. ive never seen a sports coupe doing this type so im thinkin about beginning the movement. those tables are amazing man and i wonder if doing it for a 92-96 prelude would be even trickier. keep at it and im gonna keep watching you progress in the VIP category!!!

  • Sounds Great, Once the Accord is all mounted up I will have pictures for that aswell !


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