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Vip Tint + Glass Meet TONIGHT ! Murrietta
  • VipdOut

    also if in Socal and was looking forward to the Whadup Wednesdays meet, it was canceled.

    However I am still down for a meet. Getting heads together. keep posted here !


    Location has been set to compliment others, Josh coming from Riverside ! so No sd meet lets meet middle somewhere for everyone.

    Vip Tint + Glass Location.

    41615 date st.#106

    Murrietta Ca 92562

    6:30 pm is the target time

    We have Go carting forΒ  $ 10.00

    and a good kick back with good peeps. The roll call is below

    Meet up time is 6:30 – whenever πŸ˜‰

    We got BrokeY33 – Josh going

    Vip Tint + Glass – Norman-going

    Jeremiah Arapeles- Going

    VipdOut- going

    Michael Johnson- going

    pretty nice mix tape below


    Not just a Vip meet But I got the main heads together πŸ˜‰ should be a fun kick back

    I heard at least 12 attending so far and its 1:16pm

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  • Vip’d Out 11.10.2010

    Had an awesome meet, write up soon !

  • Ya it was a meet on the fly,

    Big ups to Norman for hosting a great mini meet on the fly. esp right after work.

    Oscar “pancakes” for rolling aswell with Michael with the sick TL Didnt think you was going to make it but we had a blast.

    Josh for rolling all the way from Riverside Co. right after work.

    there was about 40+ more people I appreciate for rolling out. we all had a great time.

    We had a really good turn out for a meet scheduled for 4-5 hrs in advance, also had a chance to meet a member from socal CL who hasn’t posted at all yet πŸ˜‰ super cool guy Is300 with wheels, charcoal gray

    We did meet up and hang out at Vip Tint + Glass for couple of hrs. Then all cruised over to the local pub/pizza spot Called Bobs in Murrietta. Everyone got the fix with food and alot of beer for 6.00 a pitcher ! Super cheap, after that spot and everyone was full.

    We headed over to the Local Walmart meet which was FULL all night and we invaded that local meet. There was about 45-50 cars in which we joined up with and talked with people all night.

    Good times. Thanks everyone who came to the local meet on the fly, Love kicking back and kicking it with all the locals.

    till Next time !

    Vipdout !

  • sick ass meet… I think I’ll caravan with you next year..

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