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  • Yerba Buena high School had there 5th annual car show. I don’t think that the staff (which where the students of Y.B.H.S) was ready to get hit with all the people that came out to show support.
    As all of the cars where pulling in for staging before you  they knew it, the parking lot for the show was full. So they just squeezed in people where ever there was space. Y.B.H.S had people from all over the bay area come out to support.
    This event wasn’t just a import car show they had every thing here, from domestics to euros, lowriders, air-bagged truck to old American Classics. The cars wasn’t the only good looking thing to keep your eyes of course. There was more eye candy to look at (Yes,  the ladies).
    From some the big names to the lady that where getting glammed up by make-up artist from Bella Couture as they where showing off there skills, people had other booths that they could visit.
    Y.B.H.S had a lot of big names in the house everyone from, ADAPT Clothing, Weksos, Spinattiks, and NOS Energydrink. Charging people with energy, with there cold to drinks.
    The day was just jammed packed with things going on. There where Dance Performances and Low Rider Hop Contest , and a Rap Performances by  Local East Bay Artist PONOPOLY. There was also a lot of food that was there to buy, some many choices that you didn’t know what to get.
    All in all was a great turn for Y.B.H.S 5th car show.
    Who know maybe there will be another. So Please check out an enjoy the coverage.

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