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Two SoCal BPvip Meets in One
  • Hi everyone! Been a while since I posted.

    I have been a bit laid back and have not taken allot of VIPstyle photos accept for my crew. Well I figured I would show some of the shots from the last two meets since dam, some of these rides are like candy for a baby! Beautiful.

    This small set was a test of my H3D II 39. Just wanted to start getting the hang of using it outside the studio 🙂

    This Infiniti I must say looks good at any angle.

    Nice to see Jerry out with his New paint 🙂

    Jerry's SC.... impressive :)

    There was a shoot going on. I think I pissed off the photographer there with my big ass camera but these guys seemed cool about getting shot with 40mpxls.

    My Work LS 105’s, Step lip.

    The next set is after the BPVip KBBQ dinner I was lucky enough to attend. I got out the 5D and 50mm 1.8 and started some hand held night shots. Man I must say its heaven riding with such a high class of cars in this club! I did some messing around with colors, white balance and such to get some interesting shots.

    CLEAN!! Work in progress interior. But dam if it needs much more than to be stock to be beautiful!

    I love a clean interior. Not too much modding but some nice clean ride. Well hope your salivating as much I am looking at these. Hopefully soon I will have some features of my own Lexus and some more traditional feature style shoots of these cars soon! Keep watch!

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