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The Temecula Caravan to Vip Fest 11-7-10
  • I will have to say props to Jesus Zavala for letting me use these photos to blog about the caravan ! I ended up missing the caravan from Escondido waiting on OSCAR ! this guy haha here are some bad ass shots !

    Here is an amazing image of Josh’s broke your Neck Y33 ~@ rolled from riverside area with the caravan

    Norman from Vip Tint and Glass ! aka Falkin Junction produce Gs !

    Great line of up all the dumped ass Infinities …. rolling tough

    Charles Lam or cheeze80 on the forum , car  is looking amazing homie and was great seeing ya again, those wheels make the car so aggressive ! love the color too.

    Great Ariel shot of the cruise

    The hand crafted Custom LED tails Josh made….. amazing in person

    If you haven’t met Josh yet, to let you know HE DROVE TO SACRAMENTO exactly like this weeks ago for a car show

    Big props and a coo ass guy, and Lupe his wife is hella coo peoples 😉

    Seen the two scions in the pictures but missed these in person. Looking very nice

    alot more images, please feel free to add Jesus on Facebook to see more of his images

    I have to say Huge props to everyone who made it , from Hawaii, Boston, Washington, SF, Las Vegas. WAY MORE COVERAGE TO COME.  this is the caravan and I am not home to blog yet

    Very nice meeting everyone again ! I did my best to introduce everyone and meet everyone. More blog and pictures to come.

    Props to Autofashion, Vipstylecars,  Its jdm yo,  Airrunner, and many others for making Vip Fest a huge success

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  • Charles Lam 11.08.2010

    Thanks playa! Have fun in SD this week!


  • haha sa’ll good i had a blast though

  • Damn Hella good find
    Can ya give a shout out on FB to homeboy for me, them are some sick ass shots
    I’m diggin his work

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