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The Line up !
  • I have been making tables for cars and just wanted to show what is the most current,

    The “Cartel” Line consists of a Tan leather designed with a chrome finish on the edges. This particular model does not have a high waiting time line to finish up per customer.

    The “Couture” line is black leather, sealed with Chrome trim and Matches Most all cars. This particular table looks amazing and is soft to the touch. Waiting time is similar with the Cartel line

    The “Vip” line


    The “Tuxedo” line

    The “Vip” line is Offered as a Burl wood, Still working with the materials to see If I can push this out on the market. There are alot of requests but this particular one takes alot of time.

    The “Tuxedo” line is a black wood grain Finish and I am working to have these in a reasonable amount of time. But overall since these are custom they will take a while for a finished product aswell.

    Close look at the “Tuxedo” line

    More pictures to follow. I wanted to share the work that I have put in building custom tables.

    These tables are custom made by myself and are for the (98-05) Lexus Gs Models. and moving towards other models soon

    Please Send me an email to check availability of the tables. VipdOut@gmail.com

    This is as of 9-22-2010 the Current set going out

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  • Dara Prom 09.22.2010

    wooo these are major hot cakes James!!

  • Hey James, was wondering if you could make one for the ACURA TL, I have a 99, i’m willing to be a test fit car.

  • Please email me , vipdout@gmail.com to schedule a test fit,

  • Gilda rocks..

  • The greatest thing that I have read this year..

  • hi im writing to you from hawaii. I have been looking for a front table for my 2003 infiniti q45. i have a light birds eye wood trim. Any chance that you would be able to make a fitting table would be great. please reply to my email. look forward to hearing from you. thanks

  • Hey Nathan, I haven’t made a table for the F50 Q45 yet and yet made a birds eye maple, but keep posted to back to see what other finishes I can offer for the F50 though 😉

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