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TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000

    Imagine if a few weeks after delivering its 336 km/h FF supercar,

    Ferrari announced a new concept car with a top speed of 3,360 km/h.

    Ten times faster, but exponentially more challenging to get this ten-fold increase in speed.

    TAG Heuer have achieved the watch-making equivalent of this feat with the announcement today of the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000,

    a new in-house concept watch capable of 1/1000th accuracy.

    You may recall that the TAG Heuer Mikrograph set new record back in

    January for being the first mechanical chronograph to achieve 1/100th accuracy,

    a record that has been smashed.

    While there is speculation that other brands may show 1/100th concepts at Basel this week,

    TAG Heuer has moved the game on.

    Even more amazing is this fact:

    the first time that TAG Heuer knew that the Mikrotimer Flying

    1000 actually worked in reality rather than on paper was on 11 March 2011- only 12 days ago.

    Had the watch not worked straight out of the box,

    TAG Heuer would have brought a different concept watch to Basel- a luxury of choice that most brands would kill for.

    Over the last 12 days,

    the team estimate that they have put in 5 month of working time to get the concept watch ready for Basel.

    To again use an automotive analogy,

    it’s the equivalent of turning up the Geneva motorshow with the paint still wet on the new car.

    The speed and high-frequency of the Mikrotimer are mind-boggling- 500hz beating at

    3.6 million beats per hour- 10 times faster than the Mikrograph and 100-times faster than an El Primero.

    And yes, that means that the central chrono. hand completes a full rotation 10-times every second.


    Source: Calibre11..

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