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Super Street X Toyo Tires Calendar Release Meet
  • On any given Saturday at noon, the parking lot at Edgie’s Billards would be a pretty barren, empty one. Last Saturday, Super Street Magazine in collaboration with Toyo Tires had their Northern California car meet and release party in celebration of the new year and their new calendars. When I got the heads up from James, I knew it was going to be worth the trek over from San Francisco. Despite the rain and several setbacks with my camera we made it up. When we got there at 11 when it was supposed to start, the meet was already off the hook. Crowds and crowds of people waiting to feast their eyes on the Toyo Tires models. Crowds and crowds of cars just trying to get a parking space in the lot. This so called meet was one of the largest Nor Cal meets I had ever seen! Thanks to the good people over at Super Street and Toyo Tires for setting up and awesome meet right here in the Bay.

    Check out my video coverage of the event here:


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