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Super-am Finals
  • Me and lee went to the Super-Am finals on saturday for some drifting fun. Lee was on of the finalists in the top 16, but since half the guys from the top 16 didnt show everyone got a by into the top 8 except lee and Chong. Lee spun both times leaving him with 9th place. im not gonna do a whole wrap up of everything, if you want that you can head over to OMGDrift.com.  the event was awesome and left me more than excited to see the pro-am guys doing full track. with photographers from modlyfe, fittedlife, omgdrift, and vipdout, i think they will have more than enough coverage of the event, as well as more awareness of the thunderdrift series. so lets just get straight to the pictures since i know thats all you came to see. and dont forget you can see more shots on my flickr.

    The Course Layout

    Andrew "Bawse" Bohan from the OMGdrift Posse

    These two 510's were amazing to see go head to head.

    Having a little fun after a spin out.

    Now hes taking it seriously

    the battle for 1st

    1st 2nd and 3rd gather around for some fun and pictures

    1st place Adam Swan

    Adams car and prize. The six pack

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  • Michael Cabuco 01.31.2011

    Woah. Derrick you’re a beast at photography! Rad shots man. See you at SFWEKFEST. again, wicked action shots. Clean and crispy.

  • nice shoot bro… keep it up!

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