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Style Beyond Compare by Sonic MS
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    Style is something we talk about a lot. Who has it, Who doesn’t have it, How we can get it. I think style is something that is very personal and as with anything it is all about an individuals perception. There are some people though who have unarguably got style in almost everyone’s eyes. So what is style and how do we get it?

    I don’t by any means profess to know everything about style. I think that style is defined by a persons identity, it tells you a little about them and who they are. Style is not about how much someone spends on parts or whether they always get name brand designs, it is not about whether they are in with the latest  car trend, it is not about whether hey have their car featured in the latest blog or magazine. These things can of course go hand in hand with style but equally often they do not. Take for example an avid car fanatic always buys the latest parts as soon as it appears in the shops regardless of whether it fits his car. Style is about looking effortless, comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. It is not just about what parts you have, it is about how you use your parts.

    When it comes to style I don’t think there are really any rules. I write about style, but I am really only giving ideas and suggestions. The way to look stylish is to build your car to what really looks good to you and makes you feel great. The confidence that you exude when you know you look and feel great is the key to being stylish. Take a really expensive car  and some outrageously expensive set of rims, no matter how much money I spent on these items, I would not feel right and so would not look stylish, as they are just not me.   Think of the compliments you hear when you drive your car around and how great this makes you feel, this is what style is about.  Build your car for you and not for others.

    Sonic MS built this beautiful car as if came off the lot just as is it looks now.  That is true  style. Nevermind the ADV.1 5.0 Track Spec Wheels that are brushed aluminum finish w/ polished lip ( 20×9| 20×12), the custom “Sonic Orange” Painted Calipers, the KW V3 Coilover System or the Prior Design Front Lip, Side Skirts and Rear Diffuser Insert. So well put together that this car is recognized not for its parts but for its over all look and styling.

    This is what I like to call “Style Beyond Compare”
    Check them out @  https://www.sonicms.net/

    Special thanks to Arlin Wong





    Photo Credit: Arlin Wong

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