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Stay Stetti x Uneak Photography X VipdOut
  • Stay Stetti hosted their first show of the year. Ill tell you what,

    these guys did it right. They hooked up with Moda Car Lounge in Dublin, CA.

    It was a great turn out of a show. It was a little hectic with getting everything set up for the show and dealing with Dublin’s finest,


    Sad for the people who got tickets for driving as well as waiting in line to get in the show. But on that note,

    after they were set they got the music spinning by the one and only DJ Rick Lee,

    Got the BBQ cookin and it was worth the wait.

    Lots of clean cars from your ” High Rollers” to the ” VIP’s” even to the daily driven Honda’s.

    Had a wide selection of cars and of course the ladies.

    They were out there in full effect, Even in the rain.

    Although the rain was short it ended with alot of good sun light to take pictures and to enjoy the scene,

    except for the random half naked women that where trying to model……(“GROSS”)……..

    Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of those Beast.

    Towards the end of a good turn out for Stay Stetti’s 1st show, they went on with announcing their show winners.

    With yours truly James Church yet again taking home another award for BEST VIP!!!!!!

    And to the lucky fella who won best of show, congrats to you for taking home an award and $500 large ones, in tha pocket.

    For more coverage visit www.uneakphotography.webs.com

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