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  • the show was awesome.

    ben threw a great event at a great location that worked out cause of all the rain. hahaha. the drive down with everyone was sick as hell got some great footage for a video im putting together down the road. lost my hat but its cool i can always but a new one. im not a writer so ill stop and just post the pictures.

    since i messed up and uploaded everything to my flickr and want to be lazy, i will post up some of my favorites.      and be sure to check out vipstylecars for johns coverage.

    this car was just sick. loved everything about it. josh did a great job building this monster cant wait to see more of this thing.


    glad we got to roll with wayne, cool dude and guess what bro…. i got dibs!!!!


    even domo came out for some fun.

    i just love this thing. from the wheels to the fitment to the overall appearance i wanttttttttt.
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    this one in my opinion is so simple yet so perfect.
    be on the lookout for these guys. stay stetti already sounds catchy and the shirts look dope, cant wait to get mine, and free stickers is a great way to get the name out. relevant domains . i know im gonna rock mine as soon as i clean the car.
    johns car still looking sick as always, and always getting me wanting new things for the camera. hahahaha.
    thanks for letting me try out the 24-70mm. that thing is boss, looks like something new is on my list of things to buy.
    jdm palace sean… what can i say about this thing. hmmm well it looks evil as all hell. tonga and honestly i wouldnt want it pulling up behind me. hahaha.
    ill end with these two and you can check out the rest on my flickr.
    first ill say both cars done extremely well. and both make me want one right now. aghhhhh

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