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Spocom NorCal 2015 Photos and Video | Khan Delin Media
  • After spending way too much time making sure I had everything in my camera bag packed and ready to go, I seemed to forget about where I was actually going. I got in an uber and headed to Craneway Pavillion which was the venue for last years Spocom show. In the car I started to realize that no one was at Craneway Pavillion, but that everyone was at Club Auto Sport. After about 3 hours of taking public transportation I finally made it to the event at 4 P.M. From then on til about 9:40 or so I was shooting nonstop, only stopping once to eat. The commute was well worth it. The show was amazing with all different types of cars and people. I was able to meet up with some old friends as well as meet some new ones! Special thanks to the Spocom team for setting up and awesome event, and congrats to all the trophy winners! Check out my official video and photos below!

    IMG_5972 IMG_5979 IMG_5985 IMG_5988 IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5998 IMG_6002 IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6011 IMG_6014 IMG_6015 IMG_6017 IMG_6019 IMG_6023 IMG_6024 IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6042 IMG_6043 IMG_6050 IMG_6054 IMG_6058 IMG_6060 IMG_6062 IMG_6067 IMG_6069 IMG_6073 IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6082 IMG_6083 IMG_6086 IMG_6090 IMG_6092 IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6101 IMG_6102 IMG_6104 IMG_6113 IMG_6122 IMG_6128 IMG_6132 IMG_6135 IMG_6137 IMG_6145 IMG_6151 IMG_6155 IMG_6159 IMG_6162 IMG_6165 IMG_6169 IMG_6174 IMG_6179 IMG_6201

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