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  • Hey, Vipdout family.

    My names Vinnie DiCarlo just moved out to San Francisco from Long island New York. This was my first time Shoot with the Vip family and very excited to work on more projects with them I am from a small company LimitlessPromo that I started back in New York as a Lifestyle brand, and a family of people who have put the time and work into their automobiles, and their own projects. Now am happily apart of the Vipdout family. As you can see from the photos it wasn’t just about the Vip or Jdm cars, but there was a wide variety of all different crews, companies and different people. The meet was awesome and my first Cali car show.The SpoCom guys but together a amazing show and there was a great turnout. I am looking forward to continue shooting for the Vipdout guys and seeing all you guys at future meets.


    Chris Tompson and his black bulletproof benz aired out.

    Chris Thompson represented for the Vipdout family in his aired out bullet Proof benz.

    Aired out.

     Chris is on a full AccuAir set up sitting tucked and fitted aired out. 

    Love of beauty is taste. The Creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Emerson

    Love of beauty is taste. The Creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Emerson

    The quote sums up all the lowrider guys who showed up in beauty and class.  After talking to one of the longtime member of the car crew he said “To join our crew you car must be at least 80 percent original, unless of course the motor has been rebuilt so many times it isn’t kicking anymore.” The cars from the paint to the detail on the interior was unbelievable.

    Details are not the details. They make the design.

    Details are not the details. They make the design.

    From the hat holder on the roof to the original flashlight clipped on the sun visors.

    Detail is key to the lowrider family.

    Swamp Cooler

    Swamp cooler for those hot California days.

    Detail is key

    The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. “Its the little things like that tissue box under the dash” is what the owner said to me. You could sit in side the car, and find something new every time you are sitting in the passenger seat.

    Mean mug

    Mean mugging




    Attention the detail is of upmost importance when you want to look good.

    Another Level.

    Vipdout is on another level with the amazing Genesis Prada. The Vip scene is growing fast and with the vipdout trays just takes you to another level. The Genesis was built by the owner of Vipdout to be a show car on a full AccuAir set up. Aired out she lays on the floor in elegance.

    James2 copy


    Gp500 Genesis


    The endless Project crew came out strong with a awesome line up, from the Vip Genesis to the Stance S2000. Endless Projects is a amazing crew with some incredible cars.

    Endless Projects


    S2k wheels

    endless 2



    The Endless guys really know how to cover it all from stance, to vip, to jdm.

    White Evo

    Endless Flag

    Time is Endless

    tsx and teggy

    The line up just got real, the Jdm Integra, to the fitted Tsx.


    Mugen Tsx. Super clean and a super clean set up.

    Blue Evo


    Whats your Stätus?

    Big booty.

    Who doesn’t love a big body. Fitted and low.

    Big body

    Does anyone have a love for some old school Jdm? The Datsun came out hard.

    Open doors

    Datsun wagon

    Front datsun

     The oldschool Datsun’s always stand out on their own way in a crowd .


    Scion fr-s ready for war. Stance,fitted and wide.

    Got lip ?

    Got lip?

    Racecars are fun too.

    Race cars can be fun too. This is one of my favorite 4 door integra that I have seen not just because the turbo is the size of my head, but its also RHD and one badass looking car.


    On the ones and twos

    Dj on the ones and twos killing it.

    Hi Pups

    The event was for everyone even our lovely four legged friends.


    Hi puppy.

    Steves a creep

    The beautiful Mars Maylani hanging out in the Vip booth with the Vipdout family.

    Model copy

    Also the Beautiful Tiffany hanging out with the Vipdout family.


    Tray lagos

    Legos could be fun on your tray. Rare wood to legos all Vipdout trays are hand made by the owner to your liking.

    Vip Benz Tray

    Make sure you check out all the Vip products as well.

    Vipdout Another Level and Vip style Cars.





    If you are looking to be shot for Vipdout please contact Vinnie anytime.

    – Vipdout Team

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