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Sonoma Drift X UneakPhotography x VipdOUt

    Sonoma drift hosted by The CreamLife at Infineon Raceway, was the  first time around for this show/event.

     I don’t think that either one of the them know that it was going to be a good turn out for the event, as people where showing up for roll in time for the show part of the event, the staff where getting everything ready for the day, with setting up booths and of course the track.

     After setting up the track the staff had some of there own driver go out an hit a few test runs to make sure everything was in line. once the track was set, the gates open and the people started Rollin in, this is when the fun started with good music and of course the DRIFTING.

     With more then just having a good line up of cars for the show to look at you also could walk over to drag strip that was running all night, along with the DRIFTING. So this event was just a jam packed day full of horse power and burning tires.

     Oh wait and did i forget the Lady’s, of course not!!! the lovely Ladie’s where out there in full effect keeping all the men that where drifting and drag racing hyped up that much more when they came off the track for brakes.

      As the sun drop the drag racing and drifting went on in to the night. so for a first time around event for Sonoma Drift was a great turn out and they are doing the event every Wednesday at Infineon Raceway.

    For more coverage for this event Please Visit:  www.uneakphotography.webs.com 

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