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Slammed Society Showcase | Formula D
  • Slammed Society Showcase | Formula D Oct 13th 2012

    Photo compliments JTranphotos

    We wanted to give him a shout out for covering the event so fast with these amazing shots,

    and The Vip Fest coming soon too ! Nov 4th in SD !

    Kicking us off with 20+ shots and tons more of the cars on the bottom link.

    Nice to See Motor Mavens Showing Strong,

    We Had the Chance to meet the owner at Vip fest one year. Nice guy and Great Coverage.

    The G37 Coupe is one of my Fav’s  Personally Love this kit and wheels Choice.

    Topping off Southern Cali to find a Super Clean 1st Gen Aristo.

    Looks like a Brown Center finish on the wheels.


    350’s have been popping up in the scene last year and this year alot.

    Nice Choice of Weds Kranze on this Nissan

    To actually see an UnMolested 240s Chassie is more on the Rare side.

    Great job on the Super Made kit and Select Mods.

    Personally Never seen a Bright Red BMW 3 Series,

    Flows well with Works and lip kit. SupaStar !

    Slammed to the grown and Not Broken,

    Cheers to the owner of  this S Chassie.

    I remember this one. Wanted to buy it Actually.

    Great purchase and glad to see this at Events and he is a Part of Royal Flush

    Add Robert Champaco on Facebook to see more of the Fabulous Lexus gs400

    Cleaned up Black G35 with Some AME’s that fit like a Glove.

    Another Gs with looks like a Mercedes Front Bumper Molded an sides ?

    Not a bad choice at all.

    Ah the Man who got the Superstreet wheels !

    Looks great on a Black Genesis Coupe.

    Concave Lusso Forged.

    With Southern California having so much Variety It is always a must to find an old school at an Event.

    If you have any more info on this post up. I will update it. From what I see its a Datsun with Jspec lights ?

    More and more of these Civics are popping up.

    Great choice in Color and wheels Flow well (mesh is always a great choice)

    Perfect time for the Guy to be by the car !

    This Accord has a pull and crammed in some lip under that body ! KEYCHN

    After seeing a Few Is300 from Black 3 to CarsXHype, and now Southern Cali

    they are getting alot more popular and Styled right too ! Same with the Mazda 3’s and over fenders

    This is a nice wheel set up I haven’t seen before. 3SDM ?

    Love the look of this…..

    Tucking to the ground.

    Please be sure to Add Jtranphotos on instagram and also on Facebook

    Facebook located here


    His Flickr link is here


    This has been Another Vipdout Presentation. Time to Share !


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