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SF Auto Salon 2013 PT. I
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    Happy holidays everybody, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend and if you didn’t get a chance to catch this years auto show then you are in the right place! It’s Ivan Asuzano here from VipdOut back with yet another event coverage! The following event is not just any ordinary car show, this event is THE SF AUTO SALON! Located inside the Esplanade Ballroom in the Moscone Center, the SF Auto Salon features the hottest builds that the Bay Area has to offer. I’ve been to many car events but let me tell you, none is as classy, elegant and relaxing as this one. Because this event is a multiple day event, I’m sure thousands of people have gone to browse during different times, leaving a great amount of exposure for these unique rides. Hosted by John Liwanag from Endless Projects and VIPStyleCars, you could only expect everything to be smooth and organized.



    Fatlace “A Van Called Quest” took home Best Car on Air


    Fatlace Porsche also took home Best Euro



    Fatlace RWB



    Chris from Central Pine LS430 won “2nd Best Lexus”!



    Endless Project’s Blackpearl LS460L


    VIPdOUT Genesis Prada


    Widebody M35 by Diamond Autobody won “Best VIP”


    PureVIPs GS300 took home “Best Static Stance” Congrats Jeff!



    PureVIP in the house! “1st place Best Lexus” Congrats!






    INSPIRE owners beautiful FD



    It’s great that vans are coming up in the scene and I personally love their style and creativity. I wanted to give a special shout out to VanKulture! They sure do give “grocery getters” a whole new meaning. Looking forward to seeing more in the near future!








    Congratulations to #becausebags for taking home the Best Team award! It was definitely a well deserved win  considering the fact that these guys don’t do mediocre. They fabricate the best air set-ups! Hard wood? Hard lines? Galaxy themed trunk? No problem! Not to mention, they also installed the air ride on all the Siennas from VanKulture! They actually registered as one big crew and took home that award easily with such a solid lineup.













    MemoryFab’s MTechnica Directional’s

    Let’s take a quick break from the cars and check out what other things the Auto Salon had in store. First, we would like to thank everyone who placed orders this past weekend! The best VIP trays for your vehicle are made right here on VIPdOUT.com, none other by our president James Church. Get in touch with him today so he could set you up with a custom made table with the design of your choosing, if you haven’t already.






    Busy weekend for Mr. Church and VIPdOUT






    Letty Loera (@vivalakitty)



    Nicole Leigh (@heynicoleleigh)

    Alright, back to the rest of the cars:



    VW Beetle Turbo took home “Best of Show” Congrats!

    _MG_6281 _MG_6173

    These classic Corollas snagged 1st(bottom) and 2nd(top) “Best Toyota” Well deserved, congrats!



    Final Stage in attendance. A young and up and coming crew that took home last years “Best Team Represent”.





    The Evos

    One could surely say that the quality of the builds shown were all hands down amazing! Here are the rest of the award winning cars in this years show:





    Dope truck laying frame won “Best Paint”



    Congratulations Dream Team SF for taking home “Best Mazda”


    Gorgeous build by Speed Element with “Best Scion”



     A very familiar ITR from ATS Garage took home “Best Engine Bay” award

    It was a great turn out and such a successful 2013 San Francisco Auto Salon! This wraps up my coverage for this year, see you guys soon in 2014.

    From the VIPdOUT staff, Thank you & Happy holidays!

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