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Redline Time Attack/Show Coverage.
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    Redline Time Attack Infineon from Another Vision P&V on Vimeo.

    Let us know what you think !

    Chris’ Audi A8 took home 1st place Best Euro

    Vipdout took home

    1st Place Best Lexus

    1st Place Best VIP Vehicle

    3rd Place Best of Show

    This was a rather fun event. I have never shown my car is the complete rain. from 6:30 leaving the house in the rain till 4:30 pm in the rain.

    I have to say from the people throwing the event. It was a fun day. Good people. good food $$ though, and watching the event in the rain. Pretty cool

    I look forward to seeing more people attending next year. Good Event staff who threw the event aswell.

    Got to see all the models,(Genevieve and others) to Race Cars. People I know and seen always in the show scene.

    Some shout outs are,

    Mike and Carlos from Redline carshow event.

    Norman @ N1 concepts.

    Tom Tang @ Tunerplayground

    Kaimana Racing his Civic Hatchback

    Fei-long Tran @ 12volt spotlight

    Jeff @ photoshootmycar.com

    John @ jsjbrothers.com

    My media busing that butt getting great coverage ! Derrick and Steven (great job)

    + many more

    Stay tuned for more Coverage !

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