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  • so we started out leaving at around 630ish. i slept over cause i couldnt locate my keys from the night before. the rain was pretty bad on the way, kinda hoping it would die down, yeah right. relevant domains haha. so we get there and were the first to arrive, actually thinking we would be the only ones foolish enough to show up. we had a few problems with the wind blowing the tents down but we got our held up pretty good, then eventually moved the whole thing. the races were dope and kaimana was killin it on the track.  ok so im tired of writing so ill just get on to the pictures.

    Novela and Michelle.

    fast ass subie right here. killed everyone on the track… running low boost of 19psi. baller!!!

    James’s whooptie… after he dried it.

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  • vipdout 10.28.2010

    Amazing coverage !

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