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  • Sept 1st 2009 Updated !


    Recent Features of my MAD Camber ,

    Take a peek !
    ride of the month too for August ,
    got that email today too ! hasn’t been published yet
    OG blog 8/20/2009


    VIP’d Out GS400

    Fatlace Norcal !


    44 comments (EPIC) many thanks Mark and Tom

    July 23 2009 Feature Vipdout

    Bippu_Pxrlex's 1999 Lexus GS-Series

    Bippu_Pxrlex's 1999 Lexus GS-Series

    Bippu_Pxrlex's 1999 Lexus GS-Series

    Now that the world got to see the last build

    Bippu_Pxrlex's 1999 Lexus GS-Series

    Time for a Change, July 2009

    I have New wheels (Veilsides “Golt” Dish) , New kit in the works ,

    New fenders in the works and some newer interior pieces

    September 8th, 2009 | Vip'd Out | No Comments |

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