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One of the Cleanest ….
  • 1994 Acura Integra LS – The Transformer

    The Cleanest done up  Royal One Rhd Dc2

    I seen this car in person from Weksos and thought damn … Makes me wanna build another Honda.didnt’t get to talk to the owner until I seen him online and stayed tuned to the build.

    Here is some images I took at Blox..

    The Golden Engine bay…. Mugen seems to still be the right way to go

    Also Looks like A recent feature from Honda Tuning.. Well Deserved

    Super Clean Roll Cage and gutted rear


    Haters Gonna’ Hate….
    September 29, 2010
    By Jonathan Thompson
    Photography by Jonathan Thompson, Quickworks Photo

    Kevin Nguyen’s ’94 Integra LS
    “That Integra looks whack. He has no style, nasty camber, and my homie did that color combo first.” “What a waste. All that power and a ridiculous suspension setup.” “Man if I had that DC2, here’s what I’d do to it…” That’s what the haters were saying online and with their little cliques just moments after the 2010 Wek’Fest event. But once they see the Teg up close, they’re often times awestruck by the sick turbocharged B18C5 powerplant, the attention to detail, and so much more. That night, deep in sweet, sweet dreamland, they see visions of the ’94 LS with its right-hand drive conversion chilling in a parking lot with extreme low offset classic M7s, followed by utter terror as that same car violently rips down the quarter-mile in just 11.8 seconds with a drag suspension setup. They wake up in a cold sweat to Kevin Nguyen, owner of H1 Garage, out of Stockton, CA. In silence they listen as he explains, “It’s quite simple dude. I adjust the camber in the rear, put on some drag tires, and I’m good to go.” The haters shield their secret love for Kevin’s well-rounded transforming Teg, and everyone moves forward.

    Kevin’s seen and heard it all. “People love to hate, but I have the speed to back it up,” he says. He’s also been around it all. He’s owned over 100 Hondas as a shop owner and a hardcore Honda enthusiast! His current arsenal consists of a ’99 Acura NSX-T and a soon to be turbocharged H22 Hatch-all sporting Kevin’s white and gold color scheme. Very few people can say they’ve owned 100 cars, let alone 100 vehicles of the same make. Kevin first fell in love with Hondas as he grew up watching his older brother work on a ’91 Honda Accord. He also became addicted to speed while hanging with his friends at street races.

    The build began in the summer of 2008. Kevin was window shopping on the Internet when he came across a stock-looking ’94 Integra with a RHD conversion and a B16A engine. He had always dreamed of owning a RHD Integra. “A RHD Honda is the best,” he explains. He phoned the owner and haggled for two weeks before plunking down a couple fat stacks. “The car was so plain,” he says. His friends agreed, but Kevin already had his sights set on a path that very few chose to walk down. “My goal was to have the best Integra out there,” he calmly states.

    The B16A went first. Kevin mated a fully built B18C5 with a Garret T4 70 A/R turbocharger. The monster engine produces 489 wheel horsepower at 20 PSI according to the Dynojet system. He also slapped on some rare 16×8 Spring Hart CP-Rs and some other goodies. Kevin enjoyed the car at a few car shows and meets. Then he remembered his original goal was to put his Teg on the map in a big way. “I decided to go for the ultimate build that would empty my pockets. I knew from the start that it would all be worthwhile,” he says.”


    This car In My opinion deserves the hate it gets, You aren’t doing somethings wrong until your hated on. This car does remind me of the broke leg movement from my gs aswell.

    If you were to see see and hear the car in person

    This alone would make you consider selling your project to make the switch

    I was looking online and ran across a recent youtube video from Hai “Kevin”  Le

    16×8 Spring Hart CP-Rs

    Be on the look out for soon “Team Royal One”  from Stockton Ca

    This Car Defiantly gets a Vipdout Vinyl in Gold from Me

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