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One Impressive Previa!

    When was the last time you have seen a VIP Style Mini van?

    Let a lone the one that is daily driven? If you can’t recall any of those two, this is the one to remember.

    What we have here today for yourviewing pleasure is a Toyota Previa  owned and built[not bought] by Lydell.

    Coolest thing about this van is that it is driven at the shown height on daily bases!

    No bags here ladies and gentlemen,[insert coilovers and air bag jokes here] may be a surprise,

    it is on coilovers.

    Can you just imagine seeing this rolling down the road in your view?

    This one surely is one hell of a neck breaker rolling or parked..

    Stay tuned for more pictures later down the road.





    March 29th, 2011 | Dale Tu | 1 Comment | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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  • GAGO! 03.29.2011

    that previa is GAGO NAMAN!

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