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Norcal Hyundia Genesis Coupe Meet. 3/19/2011
  • Recently attended a Hyundia car meet that was held at


    “AMF Mission Lanes”





    These guys are cool to hang out with and I see if they have more meets and I am free !

    I am attending 😉



    The weather was bad but the meet was great.

    I wasn’t sure if It was cool for me to attend, but I figured I love the car scene and some of the

    Vipdout Exclusive Photographers



    were attending So I had taken care of a few things and said why not !

    The meet was held with about 20 lightly modded to heavy modded Gen Coupes.



    Everyone started showing up one by one..

    I wanted to get some food and get out of the rain and BAM the parking lot was filled as I came outside.



    I wanted to give a shout to all the guys , I had a blast seeing all the cars and also attending your meet and kicking back.

    My guys are working on some amazing shots but here is a member from their forum pictures



    Props for allowing me to share these first to show the coverage and the bowling aswell !

    I have to say the pitcher of beer helped alot and bowling is fun, but that second pitcher wore me down aha



    And on to some bowing and Aftershots !



    and to some of the Action shots !



    and when Jonjon killed some pins …. epic time !



    If I didn’t rip on him … then you guys wouldn’t laugh !


    Props to ChriZ for letting me  pictures from his flickr account, which can be found here



    Stay Tuned for the coverage from the Vipdout Crew



    Find all the fellas on this forum



    and Feel free to join




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