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Myspace may be up for sale soon
  • In its hay day everyone was on MySpace after jumping ship from Friendster.

    Years later Facebook hit the mainstream public and the flash and coolness of MySpace slowly faded away.

    MySpace was once a place where musicians could share their music and gain more fans, but

    YouTube allows the same option without the spam and annoying graphics on user’s pages.

    I have a MySpace page, though it has been there in a long while since I view it and most people I know that have pages haven’t touched it in over a year.

    Back in 2005 Newscorp purchased MySpace for $580 million. Months later Rupert Murdoch sold 3 years of advertising rights on MySpace to Google for $800 million. Even with MySpace slowing dying Newcorp still got their money out of it.

    Here is an article further discussing MySpace and their potential sale.

    Seriously, Who Would Really Want to Buy Myspace?

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