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Model of the Month | May | Andrea Perelson

  • Name: Andrea Perelson

    Hometown: Mill Valley

    Ethnicity: Brazilian, Russian and Caucasian.

    Astrological Sign: Capricorn

    Relationship Status: In Love

    – Your going up for miss ca !! Thats awesome how do you feel about that? is there any pressure on you?

    You know its crazy. I never thought I would be in a pageant.I didn’t apply.

    I was approached due to my community involvement and modeling career.They called me and had my come in for an interview.

    I had my mind made up it wasn’t for me but after speaking with them at length I saw how amazing the competition really was.

    They weren’t just looking for pretty girls.

    They are a dime a dozen.

    They were looking for very quality girls who had passion for their community and making a difference.

    I realized this was my platform to make a difference for the things I cared about.


    – What plans do have for the future?

    I plan to move forward even more with my career.

    I am passionate about modeling but acting is my first love.

    I hope to get even more intense edgy roles that can really showcase my abilities.

    I also aim to go far in the Miss CA competition so that I can share my experiences and draw awareness to the charity AHO.


    – What do you do on your spare time?

    I am an active person. I am what my dad refers to as a ” gym rat.” I need my fix of the gym everyday to say centered and of course toned,

    If I am not working out,

    I am with my dog on a hike or the dog park.

    I adore my good friends and try to spend a good amount of time with them but my sister is always first priority.

    She’s a great younger sister and absolutely supportive and hilarious.

    Often times we are mobbing around town blasting Ke$ha and rocking out.

    No stories about clubbing or drinking; I like to get my beauty rest so I look my best for you. (:


    – Whats your favorite quote?

    I have three text tattoos that all are extremely meaningful to me. They are my favorite quotes.

    The one on my wrist says ” Let Go.”

    This symbolized a period in my life where I was stuck and dwelling in the past, g

    oing over memories and feeling sorry for myself and placing blame.

    By reminding my self to let go.

    I carry with me a daily reminder that in order to move forward I have to stop fighting life and just let go and let god.

    The one on my back says ” I am the hero of this story. I don’t need to be saved.”

    This tattoo is for other people as it is for myself. For a long time I looked outside myself for validation and security.

    I looked to people , vices and possessions to ” save” me.

    When in all reality the only way I could be happy was within myself.

    The last is on my ribcage ” A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages.”

    This is a reference to a difficult disease I struggled with and being trapped in my body. It also pays homage for all the oppressed in general.


    – What type of car do you drive?

    I drive a hand me down but I am certainly not complaining.

    Its a Silver Jetta , Wagon. Its stick shift, which is a skill I am proud to know.

    When I hit it big and get a luxury vehicle I can drive it right!

    – Whats your body measurements?

    34-26-34 (;


    – Any shout outs?

    I always like to stay humble and grateful so yes I would love to give some shout outs.

    To the people supporting me and my career the most presently;

    Thank you to my Dad for believing in me.

    To my boyfriend Harley for talking me through all my doubts and stumbles and being there to convince me to get back up.

    Also, Hillary for always being so understanding, cheering me up and keeping it real for me .

    I love you all so much


    – Would you like to be behind the camera one day?

    Nope. I like the spotlight too much. But I admire the dedication of those that are.

    – If you can have one super power what would you have?

    Can I make money grow on trees?

    – What did you think of  the movie Fast 5?

    I don’t think much of it only because I honestly haven’t seen it yet.

    But the last ones were awesome so I could assume this one will be too.


    Photographer Nick Debono:



    Photographer Steven Santiago:




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  • Joe Chan 05.16.2011

    Very well down of Drea. Awesome person.

  • i especially love the brazilian part of you- it comes though strong! xxx msT

  • This is the most beautiful model you have used yet. You should do more these pictures are bomb.

  • Nice job Drea! The photographers here are also very good. You got my vote.

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  • […] a 22-year-old model from San Fran who’s been featured on sites like VIP’d Magazine, Playas Only, and Badini Pinup. Andrea is special (not in the way that mommy told you you’re […]

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