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Model Of Month || April || Hailey Elrod
  • Name:

    Hailey Elrod


    sactown aka Sacramento!

    -Astrological sign?

    Capricorn, only the best! 😉

    what plans do you have for the future?

    To be a successful model and business women in branding myself for a clothing boutique catering to woman’s fashion.


    -what do you do on your spare time?

    I’m lucky if I get spare time these days, I’m constantly trying to promote myself. But when I have time I like to relax at home, workout and treat myself to a day of shopping with close friends.


    -what type of car do you drive?

    (GT mustang)


    -would you like to be behind a camera one day?

    Honestly, no I’ve always in-visioned myself in front of the camera, never thought about being behind it.


    -if you can have one super power what would it be and why?

    Id have to say it would be to control the weather, so the sun is always shining

    -whats the most embarrassing moment that to you in a shoot?

    Knock on wood, I have not yet had an embarrassing moment on set.



    -if you can date one celebrity who would it be?

    That’s a tough one, it would have to be between Bradly Cooper or Ryan Gosling.


    -what got you into modeling?

    Ever since I was little, I always loved being in the spotlight and knew modeling and acting was what I wanted to do.

    I then got an opportunity to be in a music video which opened many doors for me and my career.



    -any shoutouts?

    First and foremost I have to thank God for every opportunity I’ve been blessed with and for keeping me safe and healthy.

    Shout out to TeamHRE- Matthew Nolen and Erika Maciel for all there hard work and commitment to me doing my hair and make up.

    Last but not least to all my fans who continue to support me. Thank you all! Very much appreciated!


    – Contact information & links

    Twitter: @Hailsss_

    Facebook fan page:


    Website: Haileyelrod.com




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