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Moda Lounge & Cream meet
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    So I’ve slacked off a bit, actually alot.

    but decided maybe I should post the pictures.

    if you were there you probably only saw me in the morning.

    for those of you who know who i am.

    the show seemed alright,

    but i was already tired and really didn’t think i was gonna be able to stay up at all

    I actually dipped out before the show actually started.

    now you ask yourself. what the hell did you shoot then.

    well on the way out there I shot some rolling shots with the guys.

    I’ll just be posting them.

    but also since i didn’t want to make separate posts for two separate events,

    and I didn’t take that many photos at either of them ill put them together

    sounds like a great idea to me.

    here we go.










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