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  • I have a friend’s father that has been like a father to me aswell.

    I wanted to take time on the blog to say thanks for your help and the support for my business. I wanted to share to some people that your hobby is pretty amazing.

    I actually wasnt thinking of doing tables but when you have someone who has so much talent and tells you they can help ya…¬† That shows me I can get this done

    Matt who is over here who can turn a stump of wood into a work of art, such as a bowl or something truly amazing. this is when you really have a REAL HOBBY !

    the time it takes to do something like that is spanned over a long period of time . curing , drying , shaping… This is a long process and can you imagine cleaning up ?? haha

    I was over Matt’s house today coming up with different ideas. and man I tell ya inspiring ! I have a lot of fun working with wood now and wanted to share pictures of your garage.

    Thanks for your help and support and look forward to working with ya a lot on many different projects

    Matt. Making templates of the tables was done in a day and sourcing other parts should be found asap

    On to the pictures !

    feel free to leave a note… I know your reading this guys hahaha¬† the blog would love your support

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