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Love Songs For Losers by Soosh*e
  • Wanted to Share the Newest Album and It is sounding legit, Please feel free to add him on facebook
    brandon shimabukuro
    He will be at Wekfest coming up and I am looking forward to meeting him.
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    Love Songs For Losers

    by Soosh*e

    Intro 00:00/01:16
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      Love Songs For Losers

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      Or download free at www.mediafire.com/file/zucwyr7h4aq0ahf/

      For those of you that were waiting all Valentine’s Day, thank you for bearing with us. I couldn’t substitute my Valentine’s date to fix the mixing, so we ran through the night. If it means anything to you, I went to work running on four hours of sleep, since we stayed up mixing through the A.M. Enjoy the project, and gear up for the second full-length album later this year.

      Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;

      PS// G&BP.O.E. … more

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    Intro 01:16
    Dear Lani 03:08
    released 14 February 2011
    Written by Brandon “Soosh*e” Shimabukuro
    Co-Written by J.Good, April Bambao, and Vassana Mee
    Intro credits to AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera

    Mix and Mastered by Soosh*e and Rufio

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