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Jenna Lane | Model of the Month
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    Jenna Lane


    Pictures By Jake N.


    Starting us off with your Home Town:

    San Diego, Ca


    Female Entrepreneur




    98 lbs

    Stats Measurements:



    What did you do with the money you received from your first paid gig?

    I’m pretty sure I spent it on food since I absolutely love to pig out.


    Whats the worst pick up line someone has ever used on you ?

    Oh boy… I’m not sure but the worse thing that recently happened was a guy continuous requesting to be married to me on facebook,

    I thought that was pretty witty of him to do so.



    I’m a huge boxing fan !!! what do you think about the Cotto Vs Trout Match up and who is your pick ?

    I’m all about, Austin Trout !!!

    Well…..fellas would love to know…. Lights on or off ?

    It really depends.. haha



    Whats the quickest way to your heart ?

    When a Guy can make me smile, and laugh… Laughter wins it all

    If you can be any magazine which one would it be?

    Definitely, Forbes Magazine !!!


    What do you think is your best physical feature ?

    I would say my Nose, Since a lot of people I meet usually compliment me on it, Which I think is awfully funny still


    Who would you say is your biggest role model ?

    Coco Chanel, She was an orphan who turned her passion into a business, and she came from living’ in the slumps to living an extravagant life


    How did you hear about Vipdout and what did you think of it?

    I modeled for them at the AutoFashion Vip fest in San Diego, Met them from a good pal, Dizzy who does tattoos,

    Holla at him for some fresh TATS !


    Aside from Modeling, Whats your number one goal?

    I’m like the jack of all trades I write music, I rap I coordinate events, I.e; public relations specialist,

    I have my own clothing line and I model. I just want to excel in everything that I get into.


    What do you love about Vipdout ?

    I love how their VIP Trays give your car a luxury feel and an added “oomph” to it !


    Well you made it to the END ! Sooooo Any shout outs?

    A Big Warm Hug to Mr. James Church for being such a super chill and humble guy.

    My Geisha Dolls,

    Eric Lopez for being so loving and supportive with me in the import scene. The Loves of my life, Kaeden and Kayla.

    John Yu for making sure I’m always taken care of at shows.

    My loyal friends, family and supporters,

    I love you all and thank you for for supporting me with everything that I do.

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