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Japan Relief Gathering x Uneak Photography x VipdOut


    well I would like to take the time to send out my  prayers to japan. on that note, people came together for one show with a true cause!!

    Not only was this a great show and place for people to come out with there rides,

    it was a huge turn out from the people that was registered for the event

    to same roll in registers there where cars pulling in all day.

    the stuff of JRG raised a lot of donations for the relief of japan to help them out with rebuilding after what happen.

    this time some of the staff of VipdOut was there to show support and

    to help out along with everyone else, alot of people came out and showed off there best cars.

    Thanks to Reds Java House for letting us use there space for this show this was there way of helping out japan.

    The staff of JRG were selling raffle tickets to help rise even more money with alot of great prizes to win as well,

    things like YOYO Factory Yo Yos to HID kits and even full sets of wheels.

    This show wasn’t only for the Japanese made cars only,

    as alot of American cars where registered in as well and we cant forget the Euro cars that where there as well.


    we had a little of everything here from old skool Skyline to Audi R8 .

    All in all for a true gathering of people to help one another in time of disaster to help rise money to help those who really need it.






    for more coverage of this event please visit :


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