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    We had the chance to finally get Janet Feature up on the site.

    We wanted to take the time to thank Janet for her patience and Also Thanks Steven for the great photos !

    Enough of the small talk lets get into the Interview process ….



    Name: Janet Fuentes

    From: Manteca CA

    Nationality: Puerto Rican / Mexican

    – Looking very beautiful we always know everyone wanted to know, So Janet do you have any kids ?

    Yes proud mother of one

    – Random question of the day, Star wars or Star trek ?

    Star wars !! lol

    – How would you say, you got into modeling ?

    I started modeling by doing promotional work | car shows & gigs, And to also meet new people in the industry.

    – Did you see it as a career move ?

    I see modeling as a hobby since I’m always working full time jobs, But if I’m given the opportunity I would definitely love to pursue it as a full time career job.

    – What is your favorite part about modeling ?

    My favorite part of modeling is getting dolled up with make-up, wardrobe etc.

    – What type of car do you drive ?

    I drive a Mitsubishi Galant

    – Whats you dream car ?

    My dream car is a pink Lamborghini

    – If you had one super power what would you choose? choose wisely!

    If I could have any super power it would be to have the ability to become invisible lol.

    – Future goals ?

    My goals are to become successful in Media/Entertainment Industry.

    – Contact Information / Bookings


    Photos Taken By: Steven Santiago


    Steven Santiago|vipdout copyright 2012

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