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Jacqueline Melendez | Model Of The Month | Sept

    Name :

    Jacqueline Melendez

    Nationality :

    Puerto Rican

    From :

    Meriden, CT


    You are looking pretty amazing, so do you have any kids?

    Nope, no kids.


    We always seem to ask this question, Which would you choose,  Star wars or Star trek?

    I would defiantly say Star wars



    How did you get into modeling?

    A close friend of mine encouraged me and gave me the motivation to go for it!


    Did you see it as a career move ?

    As of right now, I’m focusing on school but if I had more time I would love for it to be my career.


    Whats would you say is your favorite part about modeling?

    Being free. I get to be in front of the camera and just do what I like.


    What type of car do you drive at the moment?

    Nothing fancy just a Toyota Corolla



    Everyone has to have a Favorite car/truck so whats your dream car?

    It’s a Range Rover


    Now Before you car choose, Remember you can only get One super power, choose wisely?

    Hmmmm I would say fly, then I could travel the world lol



    What are your future goals?

    Right now I’m in nursing school and that’s my main priority. I would also like to travel the world, I enjoy seeing new things and learning about different cultures.


    What’s the most embarrassing moment you have had during a photo shoot ?

    Luckily I haven’t had anything embarrassing happen to me yet ! lol


    Where can we contact you for bookings ?

    Model Mayhem : 2378771



    Shoutouts ?

    Nikki Rich Agency and everyone that supports me.





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