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    I was first introduced to the Ip Man series back in 2010, even though the movie has been around since 2008.
    Ip Man is a semi-biographical martial arts film based on the life of Yip-Kai Man, the master of Bruce Lee. The film stars Donnie Yen and other famous Chinese actors.

    Watching Ip Man brings back memories of when I was a young martial artist, but reminding me of what I was missing.
    To understand where I’m coming from; I have to bring you back to when I was a kid.

    Like many kids, watching the Karate Kid got me interested in Martial Arts. My friend Joey was going to place in Concord and I soon joined. At age 10 I entered in a style know as Butokukai. When I started it was part of the Dan-Nippon Butokukai system and later broke off into the Zen Bei Butokukai. butokukai degreeThrough the years I not only learned more discipline, but got rid of some fears which including flying through the air and doing flips. Best of all it made me feel something I never felt before. I felt free and my mind was at ease.

    Now you may think, what would a kid know about that, but looking back I could see that after years and years of training I knew what it was to be part of something really great. I remember teaching a young girl how to flip a guy a foot taller than her through the air and seeing her expression of awe.

    Fast forward many years later after college. Once out of school you get a good job, spend money, get a raise and the cycle goes round and round. At some point I just started to work more and more. Putting in 10 hours a day is not uncommon as most of you could probably understand that have worked for many years.

    Seeing the fight scenes in Ip Man got me thinking of about getting back into training in the process I have been hardening and strengthening my hands and bones. In the picture below there are three canvas bags.

    training bags
    One bag has large pointy rocks, the other medium rocks and the smallest bag is 5 lbs of pebbles that is used to throw in the air and catch it in one hand to work on grip strength.

    Martial Arts, like our cars is a cultural thing. We modify our cars because we love the platform and enjoy designing the car to our taste, but it is much more than just a car. Through our cars we have created friendships with one another and for those I’ve meant I talk more about other things now than cars. The world is a very small place and those you know in car scene probably know other people that you know too. So whether your passion is cars, martial arts, cooking or whatever give it your all and never look back. You’ll enjoy the journey and look back on great memories.

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  • James I. 02.02.2011

    This is a great article man! You should get back into it if you have the time.

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