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Introducing Idealistic Design Neckpads

    Welcome to A company that takes quality to the next level.

    These guys have been in the industry for a while and now really making the car scene a focus.

    Today we will take a look at the newest creation that Japan has inspired in today’s Vip Scene.

    We will look at the Newest creation from Idealistic Design. Their Neck pads are shaped very different then most others.

    If these get launched they are planing on launching more colors that you don’t find in the market as of today.

    photo 10

    These Neck pads are made from quality and stiched very nice.

    photo 2

    You will be able to look at a Vinyl or Genuine leather for pricing difference.

    We had the leather model and these felt nice and soft.

    photo 3

    The Shape is one of the most Unique part of this design.

    Most Neckpads are all the same but these guys wants to make a statement.

    I do believe we are all used to the normal design. It did take a few days to get used to the way these feel.

    photo 4

    Here is a picture of how these are in the back side of the pads. No Confusing adjustments.

    These just a elastic band that stretch over the largest headrests too.

    photo 5

    Now I did test these on the back while seeing how else these could be used.

    I see something here where it feels great on the lower back too.

    photo 6

    Just inside the Genesis that we tested the neckpads, shown are the Belezzas

    photo 7

    Here is a side by side outside looking in.

    photo 8

    Here is an image of the two, better look on the inside.

    photo 9

    If you are looking for something different and want to support those who are in the scene look up idealistic design.

    These are made in the US too and these guys also do a full interior aswell.

    looking forward to working with these guys on a new color for the interior with diamond stitching for the Genesis shown above.

    As for comfort these will take a few days to get used to and once you have them in the car you can adjust the seat to the right position and Enjoy.

    I would suggest coming out a shape that we are all used to because the positioning of your back may need that support.

    looking forward to seeing many other products that these guys come out with.

    Appreciate you sending us a pair to test out and give a review on.

    Thanks for reading. – Vipdout

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