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How did you Celebrate the New years ?
  • Well It is normally a Pxracing tradition at new years we all get together and have the cars all together aswell …

    I am sure the neighbors hate us, but we have a blast each year.

    Here is The mad Russian showing us here isn’t afraid to show us some smoke for new years.

    Thanks Derrick for filming this and I am sure there is more to come. (More pictures and video coming soon)

    We had an Audi A8 with disconnected exhaust pipes(Chris), floored

    My Lexus Gs400 tapping the rev limiter.

    2 Nissan 240sx’s one drifting one end cap (leeho),

    the other reving up.(Dev)

    Bmw M3(Jamar), This is his other car.M5

    Pavels 528i


    Here is the Camera mans too (Derrick)

    post up your experiences too !

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