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    As another year passes, The Big events Roll out.

    The Fatlace team hosted yet another Successful event !

    They had a 200+ Car Show event, Illest B-Boy battle, and Drifting !

    Steven had a chance to head over with the Media pass and get some great coverage to share.

    Steven has a new technique on some of the editing, so this might be a bit new to everyone.

    It actually has a killer look

    Finally great to see some Euros in Northern Cali coming out from the woodworks.

    Normally Northern California doesn’t have many that come out but was Nice to see this one out and about !


    A few old schools including this Datsun !


    Loved the old school section of the show

    Including this VW Bug – very restored !


    Personally If I was judging the event !

    I have a soft spot for this car. Everything looks perfect !


    From the Color Choice, Wheels, and Tires.

    I am sure this was in the running for an award.


    Gotta have the Wide wheels and Old school oil cooler hanging out


    One of the Skylines from Japan !


    Gotta love the photoshop on this 😉


    One of The few Vip Styled Cars Captured on lens.


    Below you will be able to see some of the images up close by Steven Santiago.


    waiting for his turn !


    Drifting right by Steven,  saying hello to his lens


    Working if something was broke or about to break.


    Always time to change out the dead tread on the wheels.


    Everyone while waiting to get some time on the track.

    The track had alot of use this day


    Fatlace had a special guest come by and drift “The Stig” lol


    One of Steven’s favorite cars at the wordup drift event.


    This picture is going VIRAL ! watch


    This S13 just was getting in the moment as we turned and got a capture.


    The Best looking AE-86’s at the event (Hands Down)


    This Nissan was making people cheer from all sides.


    Some more action.


    Once we get all the details of who won the drifting portion we will update !


    Photos By : Steven Santiago

    Feel free to share the photos. We don’t mind ! just don’t take out the signature !


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