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Hawaii Cruise Revision’s
  • Gotta give a shout out to Samson over @ Revision Audio for letting me in on this to share.

    They recently had a cruise and I get to share with you guys

    Hawaii Status !

    Props to all the Local who took shots…. I love them

    Jarrett AreNgo

    Find his blog here too


    Need to get my brother in on the action on that island !The light Green Ls14.5

    Samsons 2005 Ls430 Mixed the right way,

    Jermaine’s O-so fresh Kbreak- Q45

    and on to the Cruise !

    The Rev one !

    Samson himself..

    almost tired …..

    Out !

    Bad ass Rolling shots …

    Updates to follow adding More pictures of the cruise !

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  • Your blog is very interesting. I am loving all of the information you are sharing with everyone!

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